A Guide to Using Uber Promo Code



Uber is adjudged to be one of the most efficient and effective transport companies in the world. It’s promotional service has endeared the public to it; as it has created value to both the company and to their customers. Before you begin to make use of Uber, you have to first of all, know how to apply the promo code that guarantees you a free ride. What I mean is that you have to be acquainted with the type of free ride code you’ve been offered. There is more information on https://www.rydely.com/ on how you can use it and knowing the other packages that comes with the offer.

This article seeks to explain the reason why this free ride promo is very helpful to a first time rider from now onwards. Obviously, Uber service does not attract any charge for every first time user. Your duty is just to insert the promo code before requesting for a ride. You have to note that you have just thirty days only to use the promo code, after which it expires.  I am sure that most riders prefer Uber promo code. It is even a smart tool for marketing their services and of course, users welcome the idea basically because one can easily get a free ride code that worth about twenty dollars.

Of course this offer can really assist in saving both money and time. It also affords you an opportunity of using the service without making any payment. I believe you now know how appropriate the Uber service is to you.

Going further, I want to say again that Uber provides more benefit to you especially the free ride code that they offer. You can however have access to enjoy this offer if you stay away from factors that may deny you the gift. Here are some of the advantages you will derive with the Uber promo code;


  1. Knowing how to cope with Uber drivers and how to make use of the pricing rating technique.

  2. Having the opportunity to use the Uber service without paying for it

  3. Getting to know the reason Uber is an important arm in the transport industry

  4. The ease and user friendly method that goes with using the service


Uber’s mode of operation involves digital marketing. This is so because immediately you insert your promo code, you’ll earn the twenty dollar code for your first free ride. Should in case you want to give it a try, you have to first download the application. You may be asking where and how one can get the Uber free code? Well, all it’s activities are centered in the application. Therefore you have to first download the application and immediately, you’ll be given a code for free ride. When you insert the code, you automatically get a free ride.

How to Avoid Mistakes in Using the Uber Free Code

Let us start by saying that suppose you want to try using Uber services and it’s your first time to initiate a ride then, you’ll certainly have to insert your promo code before asking for a ride.  If you fail to use it at this moment, you’ll automatically lose it because the free code is meant for only first timers. It is after this time you must have become an existing user that you can use a referral code to earn free rides.

Now, one of the mistakes to avoid when using the Uber referral code is requesting for a ride even before inserting the free code. The consequence of this is that you will end up losing the promo and then paying for your first ride. The second mistake to avoid is; not using your entire promo offer at once. You have to note that if you reserve some credit from the promo offer with the hope of using it again, chances are that you may not have it again to enjoy. What this means is that since the value of your promo code is worth twenty dollars, if you use ten dollars worth of transport cost, you may not be able to use the balance of the remaining ten dollars in your next trip.

Peradventure you don’t want to make use of your twenty dollars promo offer because you’re embarking on a short trip, the Uber application is structured in a way that Uber will effect the free promo gift first so as to enable you choose the amount of fare you wish to embark on your trip that is, when you have inserted your promo code in your account, and then, it will be automatically used to settle the payment for your next trip.

Therefore, if you decide to use your Uber promo code for your next ride, this is how to go about it. The first step is; go to your Uber application and click on the ‘’SET PICKUP LOCATION’’ button. After that, select your PAYMENT OPTION and then you can put off the ‘’Apply Credits’’ button. Now, if you are looking for the best time to use your Uber promo code, it should be when you are embarking on a trip that is worth the amount of your free ride code.

I will end this write up by saying that it will not be ideal for you to use your twenty dollars worth of free ride on a trip that is worth lesser.